Connection. Clarity. Comfort. Closure

Connection. Clarity. Comfort. Closure.

Corinne Travillion

Psychic Medium

Spirit Communication
Intuitive Guidance
Haka ʻŌlelo
A Kauai resident since 1998

Aloha, y’all, from the island of Kauai, Hawaii

There’s one thing I know: a mediumship session through me helps people feel better. Period. It’s why I’m a spirit medium.

This interactive experience brings connection, clarity, comfort, and closure. Validations “from the other side” inspire awe and a fresh perspective to life. Healing and hope are available from those in spirit form.

You might receive explanations about someone’s passing, such as their state-of-mind or the physical circumstances. Or insights into relationships and events. Maybe an apology. Or reminders of ongoing connection and support from loved ones who have passed on (including animals).

It is often an empowering experience that clarifies and confirms, by releasing guilt, blame and misunderstanding. I ask those in spirit form to communicate with humor, so you’ll probably laugh and cry!

I offer a 45-minute session for $150. Sessions are available in-person at my location in Princeville, by phone, or video conferencing. To make an appointment or to purchase a gift certificate, contact me now.

“Corinne is a very delightful person with a nice calming energy and soothing voice. My 1st medium session experience was with her, and it brought a tremendous amount of closure and contentment for me. At first I was skeptical until she described my grandmother in detail by the clothes she wore and her personality and describing images of the past that Corinne would never had known. It felt good to know that the worries that bothered my grandmother in life was not something she carried any longer. Corinne answered many of the questions I’ve had about afterlife and spirits, as it has been a longtime fear of mine. It has changed my perception immensely, for the good. And at the end of our session we had a good laugh because I also had a barn of animals showing up for me as well, which totally makes sense to my childhood. It was a great experience and I can’t recommend it enough!”

– Christyn Alcones, Kauai, Hawaii

“I recently lost a lover and felt I needed to connect with him on the other side. I asked the universe for guidance and had a dream wherein the name Corinne + psychic medium appeared. So, after some googling, I found Corinne and I’m very happy I did.

My lover came through and by the way she described him and said a few things as I’d imagine he’d say them, I knew that I was experiencing something special. I can’t fully describe how it feels to connect with someone you’ve loved and lost abruptly to death, but it is an amazing assurance that love goes on and, though we may die, we don’t end.

At the beginning of our session, ancestor women arrived in a big group and I felt a sense of being held by the women who came before me. They had clear messages that resonated with me–one being that I don’t have to follow in their footsteps when it comes to loving and in terms of how to develop and use my own spiritual gifts.

I thank Corinne for her mediumship and her sense of humor. I look forward to another session.”

– Jameela F. Dallis, Durham, NC

“My experience with Corinne was out of this world. For starters when we first met, she made sure I did not tell her any details about my case. I was seeking her help due to the tragic passing of my brother and the uncertainty of how it happened, as he lived in another country.

During our session she connected with my brother. I got chicken skin and could feel his spirit. She described him and was able to pass on his message for me and my mother. She also connected with my grandfather who I never even asked for, yet he made his presence and message known through her. She described my grandparents in great detail not having any previous knowledge of them whatsoever.

Her ability to connect with the spirit world and help you through whatever issues you need to work on are amazing.

I highly, highly recommend her and will definitely book future sessions with her when I am in need. Thank you so much, Corinne for your kindness, expertise, and guidance.”

 Maria Camero, Kauai, Hawaii