Our pets are the best, aren’t they? And yes! They’re still available to us after passing.

In a recent session, a beloved dog came through, giving me his physical appearance and personality. Then he was in a bed, surrounded by equipment and caregivers. He thanked his ‘human’ and the others for their constant attention during his final days. He had been pain-free!

Another time, a clever canine showed me a barstool to identify herself. A barstool? Well, her ‘human’ started laughing! He owned a restaurant where his small dog would greet diners at the door. Diners would put her up on a barstool too. She was considered wonderful company by all.

And oh, so important, our furry BFFs can bring us peace:

“I’d already felt like I’d gotten what I came for when first connecting with my late father almost immediately during my session with Corinne. But then, when a beloved cat I had came through and Corrine nailed the exact name of this cat, I really almost fell off my chair. The wonderful thing was, I hadn’t been sure this cat had passed, only knew she had disappeared. So, hearing from her gave me so much closure I didn’t know I’d be getting. Corinne is excellent at making you feel comfortable, and I really can’t recommend a session with her enough.” ~ Nicole Cowan, Kauai, Hawaii